Cheese Knives make ideal Anniversary and Birthday presents!

12 items to choose from

See below for close-up pictures of handles.

 selection of cheese knives

A good crested King's pattern silver handled cheese knife.
London 1814.
Overall length 8.25"

Reference J76/32
Price £75.00    SOLD


Crested silver handled rococo pattern cheese knife. c1850. 

Overall length 8.25"

Reference G149/18
Price £55.00     SOLD

Victorian ivory handled cheese  knife.               

Overall length 8.25"

Reference J74A/15
Price £55.00    SOLD


Victorian ivory handle

Very good Mother of Pearl handled cheese knife. Silver collar. Sheffield 1900.

Overall length 8"

Reference J79/20
Price £58.00    SOLD


Silver handled crested cheese knife.
'Old' blade. c1850.

Overall length 7.75"

Reference J65/3
Price £ 55.00   SOLD

 crested silver handle c1850
Victorian ivory handled cheese knife with silver collar.

Overall length 8.6"

Reference J75/7

Price £55    SOLD
ivory handle silver collar
Victorian Mother of Pearl handled cheese knife.           

Overall length 8.7"

Reference J78/33

Price £65     SOLD
Victorian mother of pearl handle
Rare Florentine pattern silver handled cheese knife.   
Birmingham 1846.
Registered mark for 1845.
Overall length 8"

Reference J79A/24

Price £68.00    SOLD
9 Good crested King's pattern silver handled cheese  
London 1833.

Overall length 8.1"

Reference J75A/30

Price £75    SOLD
Kings pattern crested cheeseknife
10 Victorian ivory handled cheese knife. c1890.          

Overall length 8.1"

Reference J78A/28

Price £48.00    SOLD
11 Kings pattern silver handled cheese knife.             
London 1897.

Overall length 8.25

Reference J78/31

Price £75.00    SOLD
12 Victorian ivory handled cheese knife. c1890.         

Overall length 8"

Reference J78A/27

Price £48.00