Fine Copeland platter c1910. 

13.9" x 10.25"    

Reference F87/37  

Price £155.00                                
Copeland platter c1910

Two very fine Minton scenic plates. c1880.       

Diameter 9.3"

Reference H46/30 and 31

Price £ 175.00 each

minton scenic plates c1880
minton scenic plate c1880scenic plate detail
minton scenic plate c1880scenic plate detail




A pair of blue and white baskets
on stands. c1840-1865.
length of stand 11.75"
height of basket 5"

Reference H58/31

Price £575.00 (the pair)

blue and white baskets on stands
blue and white baskets on standsblue and white baskets on stands
blue and white baskets on standsblue and white baskets on stands

These are two almost identical dessert dishes with moulded body. Factory unknown, but English.

Diameter 8.5"

Reference F88/8

Price £ 65.00 each

moulded body dessert dish c1815
 moulded body dessert dish c1815

Large Riley jug c1835
(small underglaze firing cracks)                                                

Overall height 8"

Reference H45/31

Price £175.00                              

large riley jug
 large riley jug


A fine scenic Coalport gilt jug. c1835.       

Height to top of handle 4.5"      

Reference H58/9

Price £125.00   

coalport gilt jug c1835
coalport gilt jug c1835coalport jug detail

This English porcelain vase is a most unusual shape with a tricorn shaped top, c1830, with relief moulding and fine quality flower painting: height 12.5"; max. width 4.25".Maker not known. We wonder if it is a William Ridgway.

Reference G55/26

Price £235.00


English porcelain vase with tricorn shaped top


Minton blue and white plate. Floweret pattern. c 1830.

Diameter 10.25" (26 cms):

Reference 210

Price £ 155.00
Copeland plaque. c 1865.

Diameter 6.15" (15.5 cms):

Reference G117/5

Price £ 110.00    SOLD
Minton dessert dish. Butter yellow.                
Floral pattern. c1840.

Overall length 9.75" (24.75 cms):
Overall width 9" (23 cms):

Reference G126/12

Price £ 225.00
 Worcester sucrier. c 1805.      

Overall height 4.75" (12 cms):
Overall length (handle to handle):                      
7.25" (18.5 cms):

Reference G116/22 
Price £ 285.00
Very  pretty  Ridgway  trio.  c 1820                                

Saucer 6.2" diameter ( 15.5 cms):     
Teacup  4.25" diameter (11 cms):                                          
Coffee cup 3.5" diameter (9 cms):                                  

Reference G116/15

Price £ 155.00

Pair of blue and white Victorian soup plates.
? Clyde pottery.

Diameter 10.25" (26 cms):

Reference G125/22    SOLD

Price £ 140.00
Spode Tea Pot. c 1800.
Shape No. 238. "Etruscan"

Max height 5.1" (13 cms):  handle to spout 9.5" (24 cms):   

Reference H6/31

Price £ 350.00   SOLD
Pearlware blue and white pot with lid.            
c 1810.
Firing blemish on lid.

Overall height, with lid 4.5" (11.5 cms):
Diameter: top of bowl 5" (12.5 cms):
               base of bowl 3" (7.5 cms):

Reference H12/17

Price £ 225.00

A Minton fruit basket. Possibly 1873.
(as found)

height to top of handle 6.75"

Reference D62/34

Price £115.00

minton fruit basket
minton fruit basketminton fruit basket

Fine quality pair of Coalport scenic plates.

Diameter 9.1":   

Reference G116/35

Price £ 350.00     SOLD        

coalport scenic plates
coalort scenic platescoalport scenic plates