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A fine pierced Sheffield plate wine coaster.
c 1900.

diameter 5.4"
height 1.6" 

Reference H76/3

Price £58.00    SOLD



pierced Sheffield plate coaster


pierced Sheffield plate coasterpierced Sheffield plate coaster


A fine decorated silver handled pistol grip magnifying glass. 3" diameter. London 1888. 
(n.b. the glass itself is modern and the circular frame is plated)

overall length 7"

Reference J72A/21
Price £95    SOLD
pistol grip handled cheese knife

This is a fine 19th century brass ink blotter.  

length 4.5" x 2.75"  
height 2" 

Reference H61/24

Price £115  SOLD
19C brass ink blotter
Another fine 19th century brass ink blotter.

length 4.5" x 2.75
height 2.5"
Reference H61/25

Price £125
19thC brass ink blotter
On the hall table?

An elegant brass topped clothes brush.
c 1900.

length 7.25"x 1.5"

height 1.5"

Reference H57/29A

Price £35
19C brass topped clothes brush

Top: a pair of brass and copper chimney ornaments in the form of shoes. c1860.
Reference H61/30 

Price £85

Bottom left:  a copper American Indian mould c1920.
height 8" x3.5"
Reference H60/32
Price £ 18    SOLD

Bottom right:  a pair of brass dog nutcrackers  c1870. 
Reference H54/17
Price £75       SOLD                     
selection of small brass gifts
Something to have by the fire?   

A selection of 5 brass toasting forks.
From left to right:     

Horsehead fork c1890
Reference H60/29 Price £45  SOLD
Victorian brass and steel extending fork  
Reference J70A/25 Price £55   SOLD
Horsehead fork c1890                      

Reference H60/26 Price £45   SOLD 
Simulated marble 19C extending fork 
Reference H9/5 Price £55  SOLD

Lincoln Imp fork c 1890
Reference H60/25 Price £38  SOLD

5 brass toasting forks
Close-ups of the 2 horsehead forks
and of the Lincoln Imp fork.
close-up of 3 fork heads
Pair of Victorian brass spill vases.c1870. 
Classical decoration.
Makers mark: LB

Height 4"

Reference H52/38
Price £65   SOLD
pr Victorian brass spill vases
Lovely Victorian woven brass and oak letter rack. c1885

overall length 6.25
height 4.75"

Reference J70A/26
Price £65
Victorian oak and brass letter rack

Davenport ring stand. c1875. Japan pattern.

diameter of base 3.5"
height 3"

Reference H53/10
Price £68   SOLD
davenport ring stand c1875
Ring stand made by T.A. and S.Green, Fenton, Staffs. 1876-1889.

diameter of base 3.1"
height 3.75" 

Reference G46/29
Price £55    SOLD                            
Green, Fenton, Staffs ring stand

A good pair of circular based brass candlesticks. c1800.

height 8.1"

Reference H21/25
Price £155    SOLD
circular based brass sticks c1800
18th century walnut double twist candle stick, c1770.

height 10.1"
diameter of base 5"

Reference J67A/3
Price £295
18C walnut double twist stick
3 fine horse brasses. 

Top: a deer horse brass
Reference H27/19
Price £22  
Left: a pierced shield horse brass                      
Reference H39/1
Price £22    
Right:a thistle horse brass 
Reference H61/12
Price £38                                     
3 horse brasses
A medium sized silver handled candle snuffer.                
Birmingham 1902.
overall length 9.5"

Reference J69A/16
Price £135   SOLD
silver snuffer B'ham 1902
close-up of snuffer handlesilver snuffer B'ham 1902
The Game of Spellicans. c1890.
Victorian boxwood in original box, with instructions (facsimile Victorian).

Reference J73/22

Price £35    SOLD
Spellicans game c 1890
Spellicans game c1890Spellicans game c1890
A nice mahogany box. c1870.                             
With key.

length 10"
depth 4.1"
height 3.25"       

Reference J76/16

Price £78    SOLD                         
mahogany box c1870
interior of mahogany boxmahogany box c1870
A fine rosewood jewellery box with mother of pear inlay. c1850. With key.

length 10.1"
depth 3.75"
height 2.9"

Reference J76/15

Price £125    SOLD
rosewood jewellery box c1850
rosewood jewellery box c1850rosewood jewellery box c1850
A very good Georgian 3 compartment mahogany tea caddy on ball feet. c1830.
With key.

length 9.5"
depth 5.25"
height 5.1"

Reference G123/20

Price £545
Georgian mahogany tea caddy
Georgian mahogany tea caddyGeorgian mahogany tea caddy
A Winsor & Newton Paint Box.
c1865. With key. 
Dedicated to Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales .  
Prince Edward married Alexandra of Denmark in 1863. In 1901, on the death of Queen Victoria, Edward became King Edward VII and his wife Queen Alexandra.

length 9"
depth 8.1"
height 2.9"    

Reference J76/14   Price £345      
Winsor & Newton paint box c1865
Winsor & Newton paint box c1865Winsor & Newton paint box c1865
Winsor & Newton paint box c1865 
A fine quality Regency hardwood casket, c1830, with satinwood oval inlaid border. Lionmask ring handles on lion paw feet. Ivory key escutcheon. Hand mader paper lining.
With key.

length 8"
depth 6"
height 5"

Reference J76/6

Price £350  SOLD
Regency hardwood casket c1830
Regency hardwood casket c1830Regency hardwood casket c1830
Regency hardwood casket c1930 


A really elegant Victorian silver sugar castor. 1890. Maker: Finlay & Taylor.
Height 5.25". Reference H51/3. Price £345  SOLD          
Victorian silver sugar castor

Very elegant tortoise shell and white metal card  case.

height 4"
width 3"
depth 0.5"

Reference H43/15

Price £145.00    SOLD
tortoise shell and white metal card case c1880
 tortoise shell and white metal card case c1880
Boxed silver handled magnifying glass. London Assay Office 1842.
Decorated pistol grip.
2.5" glass.

box: 7" x 4" x 1.5"

Reference J73A/30

Price £85.00    SOLD
boxed silver handled magnifying glass 1842
boxed silver handled magnifying glass 1842boxed silver handled magnifying glass 1842
A really fine Victorian pierced silver mustard pot by W.R Smily. London 1849.
overall height 3.1"
base diameter 2.75"
Reference H57/5
Price £395.00   SOLD

sold separately:
silver mustard spoon with gilt bowl.
London 1854.
length 4.5"
Reference G155/4
Price £32.00    SOLD
pierced silver mustard pot 1849
pierced silver mustard pot 1849pierced silver mustard pot 1849
Miniature silver Edwardian wine bottle and 2 goblets. Birmingham 1905.

height of bottle 3.1"
height of goblets 1.1"

Reference H57/15

Price £175.00    SOLD
Edwardian silver miniature wine bottle and goblets
Miniature pair silver salt and pepper churns, made by C Griffiths & Co. Birmingham 1921.

height 1.4"

Reference J70A/31

Price £195.00
 miniature silver salt and pepper churns 1921
miniature silver churn salt and pepper 1921
Miniature silver milk churn, made by
Deakin & Francis.
Birmingham 1905.

height 1.4"

Reference J70A/32

Price £95.00    SOLD
miniature silver milkchurn 1905
Miniature silver saucepan, made by Saunders & Shepherd. Chester 1895.

overall length 2.4"

Reference J70A/29

Price £215.00   SOLD
miniature silver saucepan 1895
Miniature silver chocolate pot, made by Saunders & Shepherd.  Chester 1905.

overall height 1.4"

Reference H57/16

Price £225.00    SOLD
miniature silver chocolate pot 1905
 miniature silver chocolate pot 1905
An elegant horn snuff box with silver insignia  "Kirkwall - si Deus nobiscum"

length 3"

Reference H44/7

Price £245.00   SOLD
horn snuff box c1860
 horn snuff box c1860
A good Victorian Sheffield plate wine funnel.
Maker: Atkin.

Height 6.25"

Reference J70A/23

Price £195.00
Victorian Sheffield wine funnel
Victorian Sheffield plate wine funnelVictorian Sheffield plate wine funnel
A fine quality Georgian old Sheffield plate wine coaster. c1820.

overall diameter 7.25"
height 2"

Reference J75A/17

Price £ 245.00
Georgian Sheffield plate wine coaster
 Georgian Sheffield plate wine coaster
Exceptional quality silver handled candle snuffer. London 1889.

overall length 13.5"

Reference J75A/25

Price £275.00    SOLD
silver handled snuffer London 1889
                    close-up of handlesilver handled snuffer London 1889
Very good Art Nouveau silver handled candle snuffer. Birmingham 1901.

length 11.25"

Reference J76/31

Price £195.00    SOLD
art nouveau silver handled snuffer
                  close-up of handleart nouveau silver handled snuffer
A fine Georgian silver game/poultry skewer.  
Birmingham 1829. Maker: Sir Edward Thomason.

length 5.9"

Reference H57/14

Price £245.00    SOLD
Georgian silver game skewer 1829
 Georgian silver game skewer 1829
Very good Regency Old Sheffield plate wine coaster. c1830.

diameter of bowl 6.5"
diameter of base 4"
height 2"

Reference J76/2

Price £175.00   SOLD
Regency Old Sheffield plate wine coaster
Regency Old Sheffield plate wine coasterRegency Old Sheffield plate wine coaster
A very good Art Nouveau silver handled candle snuffer. Birmingham 1910.

length 8.6"

Reference J76/5

Price £125.00    SOLD
Birmingham art nouveau snuffer 1910
                   close-up of handleBirmingham art nouveau snuffer 1910

Very pretty silver Victorian basket.
London 1882. Maker: John Batson.

overall length 6.25"
overall width 5.25"
height 5.25"

Reference H50/30

Price £ 275.00    SOLD

silver Victorian basket
silver Victorian basketsilver Victorian basket

A compilation of six small engravings of Suffolk Churches taken from"Excursions Through Suffolk" published in 1818.
These six are:
Southwold Church; Ringsfield Church; Blitheburgh Church; Eastbergholt Church; Stowmarket Church; Covehithe Church.
(3" x 4")

Reference J68A/23

Price £185.00   SOLD

travels of suffolk churches 1818

A compilation of six small engravings of Suffolk Halls taken from "Excursions Through Suffolk" published in 1818.
These six are:
Barton Hall; Redgrave Hall; Remains of Little Wenham Hall; Erwarton Hall; Litttle Wenham Hall; West Stow Hall.
(3" x 4")

Reference J68A/26

Price £175.00    SOLD

six halls from Excursions Through Suffolk 1818

Victorian mother-of-pearl and silver Stilton scoop.
Birmingham 1878.
George Unite.

Length 10"

Reference H51/9

Price £ 295.00    SOLD

silver Stilton scoopsilver Stilton scoop

A silver and gold vesta case c1900.  

Height 1.8"
Width 1.6"
Depth 0.5"  

Reference H44/5

Price £95.00   SOLD             

silver and gold vesta case
silver and gold vesta casesilver and gold vesta case
A pair of good quality 'bamboo' plate grape scissors c1920.
6.7" long
Ref: J73A/13
Price £48.00   SOLD
pair 'bamboo' plate grape scissors c1920pair 'bamboo' plate grape scissors c1920
Trio. Japan pattern. Samuel Alcock & Co.        c1825.    

diameter of bowl 5.5"

Reference G85/19

Price £125.00
alcock trio
 alcock trio

Victorian overlaid cut glass perfume bottle.

Height 2.75"    

Reference H51/29

Price £250.00    SOLD

<img title="Victorian cut glass perfume bottle" src="http://jandjbaker.co.uk/images/artimg/HD8XY-9/Vict_cut_glass_scent_det2.jpg" alt="Victorian cut glass perfume bottle"