Candle Snuffers
They make ideal Anniversary or Birthday presents! 

Each snuffer handle appears to be unique. We have never had two the same.

These four snuffers are just in!

Top - the longest one is a very good large Art Nouveau silver handled snuffer.   Birmingham 1904
Snuffer 3.9" high: overall length 11.75".
See close-up below.

Reference J81A/20

Price   £ 165.00



2nd one down - very pretty silver handled snuffer. Birmingham 1916.  
3.6" high: overall length 11.5".
See close-up below.

Reference J80A/3

Price £  145.00


3rd one down - Medium silver handled snuffer. Birmingham 1898.
Snuffer 3.4" high: overall length 10.5".
See close-up below.

Reference J84A/3

Price £ 135.00


bottom - Medium silver handled snuffer. Birmingham 1903.
Snuffer 3.25" high: overall length 10.5":
See close-up below.

Reference J80A/4

Price £  135.00




snuffer head

Typical example of a snuffer head which is plate on base metal (either brass or copper): the original steel shaft has also been plated.
This is applicable to every snuffer.





2nd one down

3rd one down