The Old Chain Pier, Brighton.
English naive painting. c 1820.
Oil on canvas.
Overall height 23.25"; overall width 30"

Reference H67/5
Price £3,500.00

'East Anglian Estuary'
by Roland Suddaby 1912-1972. 20th century oil on board. Signed                                                                                       .
Height, with frame, 24.25"
Width, with frame, 30.5"
Reference H53/38
Price £850

Ref: Dictionary of British Artists Working 1900-1950 by Grant M Waters.
Studied at Sheffield College of Art and the RCA. Painter in oil and watercolour, mainly landscapes.
Exhibited at the RA,RBA,NEAC,LG, in the Provinces and abroad. Represented in many  public collections.
Lived in Great Cornard, Sudbury and was Curator of Gainsborough House.

George Fenn  1810-1897
19th C oil painting on canvas of horse and foal in landscape.
Height, excl. frame 19"
Width, excl. frame, 25"
Reference H63/27
Price £  1,450

 G Fenn
W H Wheelwright (1857-1897) 
A pair of 19th century en grisaille oil paintings on canvas of coaching scenes. 
Measurements of both:
height 23.5"
width 17.5"   

Reference H63/25

Price £1,950
W H Wheelwright
 W H Wheelwright

Dutch River by Jan van Couver (1836-1909). Water colour. Signed.
18" x 23".

Reference H60/1

Price £650.00    SOLD

Jan van Couver  Dutch River

Evening on the Thames by George Callow (fl.1858-1873). Water colour. Signed.
13" x 19".

Reference H59/36

Prcie £750.00   SOLD

George Callow  Evening on the Thames

Still Life of Flowers by Stuart Somerville (1908-1982). Oil on canvas. Signed.
20" x 24".

Reference H60/8

Price £ 2,950.00    SOLD

Stuart Somerville  Still Life of Flowers

Staithes by Sir Frank Short (1857-1945). Water colour. Signed.
12" x 18".

Reference H60/7

Price £550.00   SOLD

Sir Frank Short  Staithes

Eckington, Worcs. by William Pitt, Birmingham (fl.1853-1890).
Inscribed on the reverse: "Village of Eckington, Worc".
Water colour. Signed, dated 1893.
10.25" x 17.25"

Reference H60/6

Price £850.00    SOLD

William Pitt   Eckington, Worcs

Mitton, July 1924, by Percy Lancaster (1878-1931). Water colour. Signed.
9" x 13"

Reference H60/4

Price £435.00   SOLD

Percy Lancaster  Mitton July 1924
Map of Suffolk by Archer. 
Old hand coloured.
Price: £155.00    SOLD
We have other old maps of Suffolk in stock.
Archer map of Suffolk c1840Archer map of Suffolk c1840


Bartholomew Dandridge c1735: attributed.
Three-quarter length portrait of Miriam West, standing in a landscape.
Re-lined: fitted in a modern frame.

Height with frame  55.5"
Width with frame 45

Reference H50/7

Price £3,250.00    SOLD

Miriam West, 2nd wife of Jonas Watson, and painted between the date of their marriage in 1730, and 1741 when Jonas sailed to Cartagena and was later killed during the War of Jenkins Ear.
The painting  has been in the West family ownership from then until now. Dandridge died in April 1750.

miriam west


Map of Suffolk by Kitchen. 
Old hand coloured.
Kitchen map of Suffolk c1760Kitchen map of Suffolk c1760


 Kurt Jackson - contemporary              
"Greek Evening,  August  '97"
water colour
picture 6" x 7.25" (15cms x 18.5 cms):
framed 14.25" 15.75" (36 cms x 40 cms)
Price £ 1,950.00
A lovely engraving by Vertue of Colchester Castle. 1732.

Overall measurements, including frame of 1.25": height 17.5"(44.5 cms):
width 24" (61 cms):

Reference G128/25
Price £  275.00      SOLD
"In Tow", a water colour by William Minshall Birchall, b 1884.
A fine marine artist who painted chiefly in water colour.
height 7" (18 cms):
width 9.75" (25 cms):
with frame, 15.5" x 18.5":

Reference D68A/27/B46
Price £  850.00    SOLD