Antique Presents and other Gifts, to be found here in the heart of Suffolk  -  whether personal or corporate, birthday, anniversary, wedding or christening, or for any other occasion.

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A telephone call (01787 247610) or e-mail may help you find the perfect gift, as not all our stock is on our website. For a selection, please click on bottom righthand picture and browse down!

We carry a large and varied stock of individually crafted magnifying glasses and letter openers (individual items or sets), candle snuffers, pie servers and cheese knives (many with hall-marked antique silver handles dating back to the 18th Century), with a wide price range, which make ideal or other gifts. In the case of letter openers, pie servers and cheese knives, the steel blades are modern. The steel is high quality forged polished Sheffield steel. The circular frames of the magnifying glasses are plated. Magnifying glass sizes range from 2" to 4" in diameter (5 to 10 cms): the glass itself is modern. Candle snuffers have three modern head sizes: small, medium and large. These are silver plated on base metal, either brass or copper. The original steel shaft is now plated and each has a beautiful antique silver handle in proportion. These handles would all appear to be unique. We have never had two the same. Handles of letter openers, pie servers and cheese knives are antique silver, mother of pearl, bone, horn, ivory. With the exception of the silver handled candle snuffers, prices range up from £35 for an individual item. The snuffers range from about £80 upwards. Also many of our beautiful antique porcelain, metalware and treen items are under £100.

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Selection of individual 
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Cheese knife and pie server sets, and individual pie servers. Details>

Selection of antique silver-handled and other cheese knives. Details>
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Selection of four candle snuffers with antique silver handles. 
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A fine selection of letter openers with antique silver/ ivory/ mother of pearl handles.


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